Bergen County Women's Inter-Club Tennis League

Cycle 1 - Friday



Each team captain (home and away) must record line ups and match results on paper or note cards. Home team captains are responsible for recording match results promptly Each captain must keep a record of match results for the entire season.

Friday Teams:   Felecia Spiegelman    
    130 Fisher Road    
    Mahwah, NJ 07430    
Monday Teams:   Laura Elias    
    Bogota Racquet Club   Home
    156 West Main Street   518 Hughes Street
    Bogota, NJ 07603   Northvale, NJ 07647
    (201)489-1122   (201)768-7430

Questions regarding reporting of scores may be addressed to Laura at (201)489-1122 for Monday and Felecia at (201)934-0725 for Friday.

All questions regarding the functioning of the League may be addressed to any of the Committee members listed below.

Our best wishes for a great tennis season!!

  Felecia Spiegelman (201) 934-0725
  Laura Elias (201) 489-1122
  Jeanne DuVall (201) 891-7111

  1. Each team shall submit a player roster at least one week prior to the start of League play. New players may be added to the roster at any time during the season before a player plays a scheduled match. New players are to be given to Felecia or Laura. They will add them to your roster.
  2. Matches will be played on Mondays and Fridays from 2:00-4:00pm. Each Club will provide three courts on Friday and two courts on Monday, free of charge to the visiting team. Method of finance for the home team will be at the discretion of individual club management.
  3. Home team captains will be responsible for recording the scores of the match on the day of the match.
  4. Host team provides NEW, USTA approved balls, no seconds.
  5. Captains or their designees are responsible for insuring that all matches are played in accordance with League rules and for making decisions when necessary to minimize controversy and avoid default. EVERY player should have a copy of these rules. We recommend a review of these rules together as a team and also with your Club pro.
  6. This is a recreational women's league. Players must be at least 21 years of age.
  7. PROTESTS: A protest may be made by anyone by telephone or in writing to any Committee member any time before the next match. Protests involving Playing and Scoring rules will not be considered after this time period. All protest decisions by the Committee are FINAL.

    If a clear infraction of the rules is seen upon receipt of results, a point will be deducted from the offending team even though no protest has been received. Teams involved will be notified immediately.
  8. A team will retain its Flight position for the upcoming season if it retains 50% plus 1 of its regular players.
  9. Videotaping of matches in this League is not permitted without permission from the Club and all players being videotaped.
  10. All cell phones and beepers must be turned off during matches. There will be a one-point penalty EACH TIME they ring or beep.


  1. All league play shall follow the rules, regulations and courtesies of the USTA. Exceptions are listed below:
  2. In the lineup for the day's play, teams shall be listed and ranked according to their ability in a 1-2-3 order. Captains shall exchange a roster of players before each match. All teams are called upon to uphold the spirit of the rule and avoid placing a superior team in a lower position in order to win that position. A captain is on her honor to observe this, which implies that her #1 team is able to beat her #2 team and her #2 team is able to beat her #3 team. All play must be best against best. The PENALTY FOR PLAYING A SUPERIOR TEAM LOWER POSITION is:

    If the superior team won, the seed is forfeited and the point will be awarded to the other team.
  3. No TEAM may move up or down more than one position from the last time they played. This rule will be continuous throughout the entire season (lineups may not be reset at the beginning of a new cycle.)

    1. A point will be deducted from the offending team.
    2. The illegally positioned team must play second seed the next time the team plays.
  4. Player Eligibility
    1. A player may be a member of one Friday team and also one Monday team. On each respective day, a player may change teams, WITH COMMITTEE APPROVAL and captain notification ONE TIME during the full playing season. However, a player may not switch teams after she has played for a team more than TWO times.
    2. In order to play the last match of Cycle 1, a player must have played at least 1 times for the same team.
    3. In order to play the last match of Cycle 2, a player must have played at least 1 times in that Cycle or at least 2 times cumulatively in Cycles 1 and 2 for the same team. In order to play the last match of Cycle 3, a player must have played 1 times in that Cycle or at least 3 times cumulatively in Cycles 1, 2, and 3 for the same team.
  5. Matches shall be best 2 out of 3 sets, one point awarded for each seed won. A 9 point tie-breaker is played at 6 games all. Continue on service rotation. Last servers serving 3 times if necessary. Change sides on odd games during the match, but DO NOT change sides during the tie-breaker.
  6. Warm up time will be 15 minutes, including serves. Players should make every effort to arrive at the club by 1:45pm, because play must begin promptly at 2:15 PM. If a player is late, a one game penalty will be assessed for each 5 minute interval the player is late. The time period will begin at 2:15pm and will be determined by the clock nearest the court or one watch which all players present on the court agree upon. The penalty accumulates until the late player is on the court ready to receive or serve.

    Late players forfeit warm up time. Line-ups must be exchanged by 2:00pm.
  7.      Example: Time: 2:16 - 2:20pm - Penalty 1 game
           2:21 - 2:25 - Penalty 2 games
           2:26 - 2:30 - Penalty 3 games
           2:31 - automatic default - this is not captain's choice
  8. DEFAULTS: If a team has to default, it may default the position which is absent. The defaulting team must pay the opposing team a default fee of $26.00 for each defaulted position. This fee is to be paid at time of default.

    A default will be defined as any match not in progress by 2:30pm. The defaulting team will lose the point, but will not have to pay a fee if the match is played after 2:30pm. A default fee must be paid if the court is not used.
  9. MATCHES MUST BE CONCLUDED BY 4:00pm. ANY GAME STILL IN PROGRESS AT 3:45pm MUST BE COMPLETED. IF THIS GAME BECOMES TIED AT 40-ALL (DEUCE), NO-AD SCORING SHALL GO INTO EFFECT: THIS MEANS THAT WHICHEVER TEAM WINS THE NEXT POINT, WINS THE GAME. If this game produces a team with at least a two game lead, that team wins the set. If not, proceed with one of the following alternatives:
    1. If this game produces a tie in games, immediately play a 9 point tie-breaker. The winner wins the set.
    2. If this game produces a one game lead, immediately play one no-ad scoring game. If this results in a tie, play a 9 point tie-breaker. The winner wins the set.

    If you are at the 3:45pm time limit and you have split sets, play a 9 point tie-breaker to determine the winner of the match. This should be recorded as a 1-0 set.

    NO-AD SCORING: This procedure is precisely what the name implies. A team need win only 4 points to win the game. That is, if the score goes to deuce (40-all), the winner of the next point wins the game. At deuce, the receiver has the right to choose to which court the service will be delivered.

  10. Because of the time factor, DO NOT change sides during play after 3:45pm. Avoid any unnecessary delays.
  11. In case of a disagreement over rules during a match, the match results will stand as played even though played incorrectly unless a team states clearly before play is resumed that it will continue to play under protest.
  12. A match may be rescheduled only with Committee approval. Matches will be postponed for weather ONLY and by noon the day of the match.
  13. After each Cycle, you will receive a new schedule. The top team in each Flight will move up to the next flight and the bottom team will move down. This is subject to change depending on the number of teams in the flight.

    On Mondays, since there is only 1 Flight, there will be no movement.
  14. INJURY TIME OUT: Injury time-outs will be five minutes by the clock nearest the court or one watch that all four players agree to use. If a player cannot resume play within five minutes, her team forfeits the match. There will be no injury time-outs after 3:40pm.
  15. SNOW DAYS: The last match ACTUALLY PLAYED in a cycle will be played under the rules stated above. Under this rule, players will be judged as having played if they arrive at the club to play. A default on the time rule or through injury during the warm-up will count toward eligibility. However, if a team is notified before the match that there is a default, no one will receive credit toward eligibility.

If you have any problems or questions, please call any of the Committee members. This Committee will rule on any protest or controversy which may occur.

  Felecia Spiegelman (201) 934-0725
  Laura Elias (201) 489-1122
  Jeanne DuVall (201) 891-7111


Contrary to rumor, there is no rule on serving refreshments. However, common courtesy suggests that after playing a two hour match, you, at a minimum, offer the visiting team liquid refreshment.


Teams have paid to play in this League for two hours. If you complete a match very rapidly, it is, again, common courtesy to continue play if one team desires to do so. If teams are very mismatched, you may offer to split up partners. A player may desire to leave as soon as the match is over (she has a sick child at home, etc.) but by agreeing to play, she also committed to the possibility that the match might have lasted until 4:00pm. Please be gracious in both directions.

    Code of Conduct


    The highest type of sportsmanship is expected from every player! An understanding of and a commitment to the points highlighted below are a part of your responsibility as a player in a USTA tournament. Violators of this code or its spirit are subject to disciplinary action.

  1. Once you have entered a tournament, honor your commitment to play. Exceptions should occur only in cases of serious illness, injury, or personal emergency.
  2. From the beginning of the match, play must be continuous. Attempts to stall or to extend rest periods for the purpose of recovering from a loss of physical condition (such as cramps or shortness of breath) are clearly illegal.
  3. Intentional distractions that interfere with your opponent's concentration or effort to play the ball are against the rules.
  4. Spectators, including parents, friends and coaches, are welcome to watch and enjoy matches. Their role, however, is clearly restricted to that of passive observer with no involvement of any kind during the match.
  5. Players are expected to put forth a full and honest effort regardless of the score or expected outcome.
  6. Players are expected to maintain full control over their emotions and the resulting behavior throughout the match. If you begin to lose your composure during play, try the following:

    Code of Conduct


    Take this onto the court for reference!

  1. If you have any doubts as to whether a ball is out or good, you must give your opponent the benefit of the doubt and play the ball as good. You should not play a let.
  2. It is your obligation to call all balls on your side to help your opponent make calls when the opponent requests it, and to call against yourself (with the exception of a first service) any ball that you clearly see out on your opponent's side of the net.
  3. Any "out" or "let" must be made instantaneously (i.e. made before either an opponent has hit the return or the return has gone out of play) otherwise, the ball continues in play.
  4. Do not enlist the aid of spectators in making line calls.
  5. If you call a ball out and then realize it was good, you should correct your call.
  6. To avoid controversy over the score, the Server should announce the set score (e.g. 5-4) before starting a game and the game score (e.g. thirty-forty) prior to serving each point.
  7. If players cannot agree on the score, they may go back to the last score on which there was agreement and resume play from that point or they may spin a racket.
  8. Foot faults are not allowed. If an opponent persists in foot faulting after being warned no to do so, the Referee should be informed.
  9. Do not stall, sulk, complain, or practice gamesmanship
  10. Wait until the players on another court have completed a point before retrieving or returning a ball.
  11. * Excerpted from the official USTA publication, "The Code", whose principles and guidelines shall apply in any match conducted without officials.


NameTelephone Number 
Binghamton Racquet Club
737 River Road
Edgewater, NJ 07020
(201) 945-9500
Bogota Racquet Club
156 West Main Street
Bogota, NJ 07603
(201) 489-1122
Fort Lee Racquet Club
532 North Avenue
Fort Lee, NJ 07024
(201) 461-6212
Franklin Lakes Racquet Club
803 Susquehanna Avenue
Franklin Lakes, NJ 07417
(201) 891-7111
Haworth Racquet Club
5 Lake Shore Drive # 2
Haworth, NJ 07641
(201) 385-7411
Maywood Tennis Club
263 West Passaic Street
Maywood, NJ 07607
(201) 843-2022
Quest Tennis
10 Edison Road
Mahwah, NJ 07430
(201) 848-0017
Ridgewood Racquet Club
249 Ackerman Avenue
Ridgewood, NJ 07450
(201) 652-1991
Washington Township Tennis & Fitness
620 Pascack Road
Washington Township, NJ 07675
(201) 666-6121
West Rock Tennis Club
21 Pralle Lane
Bardonia, NY 10954
(845) 623-3636

REVISED 11/2015