Men's Interstate Paddle League

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The MIPL Playoffs for 2019-2020 have been postponed. We plan to reschedule them in the fall. When that happens, here are the semi-final match ups:

  • A: Upper Ridgewood 1 vs. Brookside 1
    Indian Trail 1 vs. Ramsey 1
  • B: Upper Ridgewood 2 vs. Hackensack 1
    Indian Trail 2 vs. Tuxedo 1
  • C: Haworth 1 vs. Englewood Field Club 2
    Brookside 2 vs. Knickerbocker 2
  • D: Ridgewood 3 vs. Upper Ridgewood 4
    Englewood 3 vs. North Jersey 1
  • E: Glen Ridge 1 vs. Ridgewood 4
    Ridgewood 5 vs. Englewood 4
  • F: Upper Ridgewood 5 vs. Knickerbocker 4
    Englewood 5 vs. Ramsey 3

Please visit the MIPL Facebook Group for more information or to join the conversation.

  • A: Upper Ridgewood 1 defeated Ridgewood 1
  • B: Englewood 1 defeated Knickerbocker 1
  • C: Ridgewood 2 defeated Englewood 2
  • D: Indian Trail 6 defeated Ridgewood 3
  • E: Knickerbocker 3 defeated Brookside 3
  • F: Ridgewood 5 defeated Indian Trail 9
  • A: Indian Trail 1 defeated Upper Ridgewood 1
  • B: Brookside 1 defeated Englewood 1
  • C: Indian Trail 4 defeated Brookside 2
  • D: Tuxedo 2 defeated Upper Ridgewood 3
  • E: Ridgewood 4 defeated Upper Ridgewood 4
  • F: Tuxedo 3 defeated Nyack 5

Please see the Matches Played menu option under Reports above for a list if matches played by person. Each person must have play at least 5 matches for a team (i.e. Brookside 2, not just Brookside) to be eligible for the playoffs.

This year, we have 50 teams in six divisions, adding three new teams to our league (and retiring one). Please welcome our new teams:

  • Glen Ridge 1 (Division E)
  • Haworth 1 (Division C)
  • Ridgewood 6 (Division F)

One of the costs of our league growth is some additional contention for court time. In order to resolve this issue, the matches flagged in the "Time" column on the Schedule page with "**" will be played in week 10 (January 19th) instead of the week displayed on the Schedule page. This only affects three matches which are:

  • Div B: Indian Trail 2 vs. Indian Trail 3 (from 1/12)
  • Div B: Hackensack vs Ridgewood 2 (from 1/26)
  • Div E: Indian Trail 8 vs. Nyack 4 (from 1/12)

Our board members can be found at the Help -> Contact Us page and a listing of this year's local tournaments can be found at the Search -> Tournament page

Facebook Group

There is a private group on Facebook associated with our league. To find it, log onto Facebook and search for "MIPL Men's Interstate Paddle League" or click on the link below. Once there, click on "Join Group" button. After being approved, you will be able to join the discussion, post photos and comments, etc.

MIPL Facebook Group

Have a great season, Paul