Shore Tennis League New Jersey

Shore Tennis League NJ Organization Rules


The Shore Tennis League (STLNJ) consists of teams in the Jersey Shore area. STLNJ is a non-profit, all volunteer organization. We are an independent organization not associated with any other tennis league.


To promote competitive, yet fun social tennis among eligible players in the Jersey Shore area. Good sportsmanship is expected of all players.

League Board

The league board shall consist of a President, Secretary, Treasurer and Events Coordinator. Each position may be held for two years. Every other year, any qualified candidate may apply for any of the above board positions. The outgoing President may serve as an advisor to the current incoming board.

The Board shall:

  1. Amend by laws and rules as necessary
  2. Schedule all captains meetings
  3. Fill vacancies on the board with any qualified past or present STLNJ member
  4. A board member may serve as captain or co-captain

Board Descriptions

The President shall:

  1. Call and conduct all Board meetings
  2. Create a league schedule
  3. Confirm club and court availability prior to each new season
  4. Oversee league in regards to full operation and club management
  5. Presidents can make adjustments to the league as they see fit during the season

The Secretary shall:

  1. Compile minutes for all meetings
  2. Record new membership contact information and current NTRP rating
  3. Assist President with orientation of any new members or clubs
  4. The league shall maintain a secretary to assist the Board with any league format, rules or club questions or concerns

The Treasurer shall:

  1. Have custodies of all monies for the league
  2. Keep bookkeeping records
  3. Track and confirm member dues are paid

The Events Coordinator shall:

  1. Establish events for the current season
  2. Seek new venues for all social events
  3. Inquire about pricing, format and handle registration
  4. Handle any other duties associated with all events

League Structure

  1. Each club shall provide four courts for doubles play per match. The host club shall provide four new cans of tennis balls for each court.
  2. Each team shall consist of players with NTRP ratings of 3.5 to 5.0. The captains shall be responsible for confirming their players current NTRP rating prior to the start of each new season.
  3. The following premise is based for court positions:

    While court assignments are based on current USTA ratings, captains shall use their judgements as USTA ratings are just a guide for court assignments. The goal for each weekly match is for competitive fair play.

  4. Rostered players are REQUESTED to play twice a month with the exception of events of unforeseen emergencies, etc that may come up. The league uses Netlineup as its system of keeping track of team availability. Players are required to use this system when placed on their teams.
  5. Although this is not a USTA league, we follow USTA guidelines for guidance. All players should be familiar with the current USTA league rules: Friends of the Court, published annually on the USTA website.

    Captains must play their rostered players per court before searching for a sub. This is to respect the players who have made a commitment to play in the league. Players are not allowed to switch teams during the season and cannot play for another team if they are not scheduled to play for their designated team. The league board and captains may adjust a players roster number during the season, based on the players results via the statistics on the league website.


  1. An appropriate Aceadmin score sheet form should be used for exchanging lineups.
  2. The lineups should be exchanged between the captains no later than 5 minutes prior to the match. Once lineups are exchanged, no changes are allowed EXCEPTin the case of an unforeseen emergency, where a player in the original lineup is unable to play (ie: injury, car accident, etc.) An appropriate substitute and revision to the lineup may then be made prior to the start of the match.


  1. All subs should be assigned a roster # reflective of their USTA rating or level of play.
  2. Captains must confirm a subs current USTA rating, and/or level of play if not USTA rated and to play them accordingly, using their best "discretion of play level". If it is discovered that a captain violated this rule, the team will forfeit any points gained from the match which the sub played.
  3. A sub can play a total of 8 times for the whole season. A sub cannot play two times in a row for the same team.

League Fee

Players fee as follows (to be paid prior to the start of season):

Mixed Doubles

Mixed doubles is played once a week only at NSRC from 12-2 in addition to regular women's matches.

Rules for the Match

  1. A maximum 10 minute warmup. Play must begin at 10 minutes past the hour.
  2. Players shall play for the full 1 hour 55 minute time (play ends promptly at 12:55pm at the Atlantic Club, 1:55pm at NSRC & LS) or until 3 full sets are completed, whichever comes first. Please set an alarm for 1 hour 55 minutes on your phone before the start of the match so that there is 1 timer on the court which both doubles teams will use to end the match.
  3. There are 3 points possible to win per match (1 point per set). Even if a team has lost the first 2 sets, they can still earn a point for their team by winning the 3rd set.
  4. Late Arrival penalties: A doubles team will lose 1 game for every 5 minutes a player is late past the 10 minute warm up. For example: at 15 minutes past the hour a team loses 1 game, 20 minutes past they lose 2 games, 25 minutes past they lose 3 games etc. If a player has NOT arrived by 40 minutes (30 minutes after warm up) past the hour, the match is forfeited. If the late player arrives after the forfeiture time, it is preferred that they stay for casual play for the remainder of the time. This is in consideration of the other 3 players on court who arrived on time, traveled, paid and expected to play a match. The late player is still required to pay the match fee.

Sudden Death Point Scenarios

Defaults & Forfeits

A default constitutes a situation where a rostered player arrives and has intention to play the match, but for whatever reason is unable to start/complete the match.The court still must be paid for by the player.

A forfeit can either be planned or unplanned. A "planned" forfeit constitutes the following: a captain is aware prior to the match that a player is unable to make the match, and was therefore unable to field a team for a court. Cancellation notice must be given to both the tennis facility and the opposing captain by 3:00pm the day before the scheduled match. A cancellation made either the day of the match, or later than 3:00pm the day before, will result in the forfeiting team paying any court fee due to the club.

Inclement Weather

Since STLNJ is a local league, with all 3 clubs in close proximity, the Board shall decide to cancel all league matches during times of inclement weather and notify clubs, captains and players accordingly.

Changeovers & Rest Periods

The USTA rule of 90 seconds of rest applies for changeovers during sets. Bathroom breaks must be taken between sets whenever possible unless there's an emergency.

Injury Time Out

A 3 minute period is allowed to diagnose and treat an injury. If after the 3 minute period the injured player does not think they can continue to play, they must forfeit the match. Any points that the team with the injured player had accrued before the injury, will still be awarded.

Line Calls

Disputes should be handled in a fair and sportsmanlike manner. When unsure, a team should always give the opponent the benefit of the doubt. A team may question a line call, but must ultimately respect the opponents ruling.


League members must be in compliance with Covid-19 guidelines set forth by the CDC. Members must also follow guidelines set forth by each individual club.

In the event the league may be canceled at any time this season, due to CDC and government mandates STLNJ can not be held liable.