New Jersey Women's Tennis League

Player Information - What should I do if . . .

The most common reason is spelling. Not that you are necessarily making a mistake, but rather it may be different in the system. The best way to check is to go Main Menu – Reports and then Team Tracker. Enter the Team you played for and the most recent year. Then you will see how it is spelled in the system.

Here, simply select one to complete your registration and notify the web administrator to have them combined back into one person.

Similar to the one above, you can complete your registration, but please notify the web administrator so that the extraneous matches can be moved to the appropriate person.

This can be done anytime, just not during the registration process. The nice part of having people in the system as one person is that when you make a change, that adjustment is reflected everywhere – all current pages, past match history and even other leagues if you play in others.

As above, notify the web administrator so the they can be combined back into one person.

You will only need your login credentials if you need to make changes in the system – updating your profile (name or contact information changes) or if you are entering scores. Currently, if you have forgotten, contact the web administrator. Coming soon, you will be able to retrieve those via the website (this is why email addresses are required).


$15.00 per person per year

Unfortunately, PayPal in their infinite wisdom has removed this feature from their buttons (they called it an upgrade). Many people have complained on the PayPal community board, so I'm hopeful it will return. To get back to the league website, you may have to hit the back button (arrow) on your browser.

If you got to this point, wasn't sure what to do and have left the site without assigning yourself to a roster, please do the following:

  1. Restart from the beginning
  2. When you get to the payment page, DO NOT pay a second time, rather click the Acknowledge checkbox and then at the bottom of the screen, click the Next button
  3. Finally, log in and assign yourself to a roster from the drop down list of clubs

No. Once you are back at the payment page, click next at the bottom of the page (make sure the PayPal buttons are displayed) to continue to the last step - that is login and assign yourself to a roster.